The Wild Yellow Grout Spreader

The Wild Yellow Grout Spreader – a new solution to the old problems

The Wild Yellow Grout Spreaders are a tested grout/silicone spreaders and removers. Forget about mess while grouting or sealing and use one of these spreaders to achieve a professional looking finish.

4 pcs Sealant, Grout Spreader & Wiper pack is a perfect multi-functional kit for:
✪ mosaic and glass grouting & sealing;
✪ most household work sealants, silicone, fillers and grouts.

Why choose the Wild Yellow Grout Spreader?

Our spreaders are made from a flexible silicone that behaves like a cloth but gives you more durability and is easy to clean and reuse. You can easily achieve a consistent fill by gliding over the joins. Plus various sizes & angles of the edges help you to get a smooth & precise finish.

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