Precision Set: 2x High Quality, Sturdy Gold Tweezers in a Silver Box

Precision Set: is a pair of high-quality, solid tweezers, packed in a silver metal box that will become your new Mosaic Companion!

Made out of 201-grade stainless steel that is more durable and sturdy than other kinds, covered in gold during the spray painting process for added longevity. They are extra sturdy and can easily hold Porcelain and Glass Tesserae, Glass Beads, Millefiori & other Small Mosaic Tesserae.

The content of the pack: 
➤ 1x Straight Pointy Tweezer – Length: 13cm/5.1″
➤ 1x Pro-Curved 45 Degree Tweezer – Length: 12cm/4.7″
➤ 1x Silver Metal Box

✪ We aim to deliver the best quality, for the lowest price,
✪ Sturdy professional material & paint coating,
✪ Packed in a handy reusable metal box.