Magic Bus Mosaic

‘Magic Bus’ is a recent addition to my collection, inspired by one of the most important and impactful movies I’ve ever seen: Into the wild and an even better book by Jon Krakauer with the same title.

I was recently reminded of the movie when I went to a travel presentation by Busem przez swiat about their road trip to Canada and Alaska. During the trip, they managed to visit Aleksander Supertramp’s Magic Bus – which is a bit of a destination for hardcore movie fans and which we don’t recommend you try to do! it’s dangerous, and completely not the point of the movie. You should, however, read the book or watch the movie! You can see it for free included with Prime in the UK.

Usually, when I make a mosaic there is always something that in the end I’m not entirely satisfied with… With this one, I managed to avoid that and I’m actually pretty happy with the results.

Created with ceramic and glass tiles, white grout with silver glitter that shimmers slightly in the light imitating the snow that covers everything during the Alaskan winter.