Custom Door Number Mosaic

We have been commissioned by one of our customers to create a custom door number for their home. Absolutely loved working on the assignment, have a lot of fun with it and we were over the moon when we received the feedback.

Carefully created using hand cut ceramic mosaic tiles. Finished with white grout. It would be perfect for your door or entrance gate or as a unique present to your family or friends.

The mosaic background is entitled ‘Blue Wave’ but we can customize it including changing:
– the number – obviously 😉
– the colours of the tiles (colour palette). 
Matching items can be requested.

To order one for your door please visit our Etsy Shop Listing

Package includes:
– mosaic door number,
– tiles to fit into the screws holes after your fit the mosaic to your wall,
– grout to fill out the screw holes after fitting the mosaic & missing tiles.