‘Bob the Minion’ Mosaic

From left: Stuart, Kevin and Bob 🙂

This time I wanted to test my mosaic skills by doing something for a younger audience. I also still struggle with deciding on the grout colour and so I wanted to do a test on a small mosaic.

My nephew is a hardcore fan of the Minions and anything connected to them. It is a love that has lasted well over 4 years now which is quite an achievement in the world where new heroes rise and fall on the daily basis.

I am myself not far off behind my nephew with my love for these little cute creatures. One of my most fond memories is the Christmas Day of 2016 where literally ALL the gifts I got had something to do with Minions 🙂 Oh the joy!

I used a strange silver plastic backing and I regret that very much as it is too flexible, next time MDV board it is! It has been finished with white grout, coloured with acrylic paint. Another lesson here: next time I will stick to a single colour of the grout and would probably go for something more gentle than white like vanilla. I much prefer the ‘fractured look’ that using one colour gives, but then again it depends on the taste.

What do you think?

PS. This is NOT FOR SALE, just a fan art and a gift for my nephew.

PS. This is NOT FOR SALE, just a fan art and a gift for my nephew.