Black & white Roman style figural mosaic in a day!

Black & white style

This is a result of the 4th & 5th day of the Mosaic Masterclass I took at the King’s College in London this August. We were tasks with recreating our version of the black and white figural mosaics which was very popular throughout the Roman period in Italy. For the basis of my mosaic, I’ve used a Roman floor mosaic dating to the 3rd century CE. Black and white mosaics  Provenance: via Prenestina, Rome. (Palazzo Massimo, Rome). My modern twist was changing the colours and using a variety of materials incl. modern high tech material called: litovi.

Setting in lime

We used a traditional method of direct setting the mosaic and fixing it in lime mortar. We had to pick a design, adjust it, trace it back and cut, cut, cut… The best part was setting all the tessera in place. It was the first time that I have worked with so many different materials and first time using lime! It was definitely a fantastic experience and means I have to now extend my home studio inventory adding more natural stone, smalti, litovi etc, etc. The workshop was led by Alessandro Lugari who was massively knowledgeable, helpful and very laid back 🙂 We, on the other hand, were speeding through it with a lighting speed! We had only a couple of hours for cutting and about 4-5 hours to make it! This is by far the fastest mosaic I have ever done! And so much fun! 😀


A few pictures taken during the process of making: