Discovering the beauty of mosaic and glass art.

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Sticky Stick grabs any glass or other small mosaic tesserae & transfers it to your mosaic base. No more dirty or sticky fingers. Visit our Etsy shop to take a look for yourself

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WHY MOSAICS? Wild Geckos Mosaic & Designs is my dream come true online shop and blog about my recent, but an ever growing passion for Mosaic Making and love for Millefiori in particular. Since the moment I’ve started,...
We provide mosaic and glass supplies for your Mosaic Decoration, Fused Glass, Murano Lampwork & Jewellery Making please visit our ETSY e-shop to check our growing range of millefiori and other supplies for your next project (opens up a...
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Discovering the beauty of mosaic and glass art.

Quick Visit to British Museum, London
We were meeting some friends for lunch and we happened to meet at British Museum in London. I haven't been there in ages so it was lovely to...
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Mosaics of New York Subway Stations – 34 St & Hudson Yard
Mosaics at the New York subway Mosaics have been part of the New York subway system dating back to its opening in 1904. Since then they have been...
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The Wild Yellow Grout Spreader
The Wild Yellow Grout Spreader - a new solution to the old problems The Wild Yellow Grout Spreaders are a tested grout/silicone spreaders and removers. Forget about mess while grouting...
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Mosaic Making Masterclasses July 2017 – promo video
We can finally share with you a video overview of the Mosaic-Making Masterclasses that took place at King's College London in July 2017. It was organised by Will...
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Mosaic Masterclasses – Indirect Setting in Cement (Day 2 & 3)
Mosaic Masterclasses in London Finally, I have for you a bit of a summary and a few tips from the Mosaic Masterclasses I took towards the end of...
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London School of Mosaic
Today I wanted to tell you about a place that has somehow become close and dear to my heart: the Southbank Mosaics and their initiative London School of Mosaic. Southbank...
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Selection of my work. Click through to see more info and photos.

‘Wall Flower’ Mosaic
It has been way too long but finally, I'm back to mosaicing! It was so good to finally pick up the...
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‘Bob the Minion’ Mosaic
This time I wanted to test my mosaic skills by doing something for a younger audience. I also still struggle...
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‘Escape of the Kokopelli’ Mosaic
Mosaic Workshop by Carrie & Karen Last weekend I went to a one-day workshop led by the contemporary craft artists Carrie Reichardt and...
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Black & white Roman style figural mosaic in a day!
Black & white style This is a result of the 4th & 5th day of the Mosaic Masterclass I took...
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‘Tree of Love’ Mosaic
The 'Tree of life' mosaic is a first of a set of mosaics that I am considering creating. The centre...
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‘We will walk together’ Mosaic
'We will walk together' is a mosaic I've created as a gift for a couple of friends for their wedding....
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‘Stanley the Octopus’ Mosaic
I don't know what came over me but I just had to make an octopus!!! They are amazing creatures and...
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‘Tom the Turtle’ Mosaic
The Turtle mosaic is the first mosaic I have ever done, but not the first I ever finished :) I...
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‘Poppies Meadow’ Mosaic
The 'Poppies Meadow' mosaic is my second mosaic but the first I have started working on outside of the mosaic...
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‘Wild Geckos’ Mosaic
This is one of the first mosaics I have ever created. The 'Wild Geckos' mosaic is based roughly on Wild...
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Mosaic and glass supplies for your Mosaic Decoration, Fused Glass, Murano Lampwork & Jewellery Making please visit our ETSY e-shop (opens up a new tab).